Kathleen Scarpone

Administrator Team Sharing MA/NH

Kay is the proud mom of two children Joseph and Kelly. Joseph served in the US Marine Corp from 2007 to 2011 including a one year tour in Afghanistan. A combination of PTSD and opioid use lead to his death in 2015. Kay grieved the loss of her son in silence as she did not know of any other mom who suffered the loss of their child from overdose. Seven months later someone reached out to her to tell her there was group of mom’s known as Team Sharing MA. Kay contacted the founder, Cheryl Juaire and the two met on Mother’s Day for a 5K walk to end addiction. Kay and Cheryl quickly formed a friendship and it felt like they had known each other all their lives. She had finally met another mom who understood her grief which helped her deal with the loss of her son.

Since meeting Cheryl in 2016, Kay was instrumental in helping Cheryl start a new chapter, Team Sharing NH. Kay is an Administrator of both Team Sharing MA and Team Sharing NH.

Kay has appeared several times on WMUR’s “State of Addiction” news specials and also participated in the Opioid Summits in both Massachusetts and NH sponsored by the Wahlberg Foundation.

Kay is a sponsor of Teen Challenge, and assisted with the Town of Derry, NH, proclamation naming August 31st as National Overdose Awareness Day. The names of all those who passed where read at a town Vigil as well as the reading of the Proclamation.
She has also traveled to Washington DC to meet with the Interim Director of the Drug Enforcement Administration to share her concerns about what needs to be done regards to further education for our youth.

Kay and her Husband, Jim reside in Kingston, NH